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Please be advised that we typically do not accept returns if the products have been used, unless it is found to be defective (i.e. manufacturer defect, etc.). Federal law requires that all garments worn next to the skin be laundered before being returned. Any garment returned in soiled condition cannot be inspected by a manufacturer, and will be sent back to you unevaluated. It is our policy that no refunds are given on products; however, we do work closely with the manufacturers to provide alternate or replacement products depending on the situation.

At Still Me Louisiana Compression, we are here to assist you in providing products to best meet your needs. If the product does not fit properly or there is a problem with the fabric used, we will work closely with the manufacturer to remake the garment with revised measurements or replace the product with a different fabric or compression.

If the returned merchandise is determined to be defective, the manufacturers, at their discretion, may replace the merchandise. A Return Merchandise Authorization number (RA number) must be obtained prior to any returned requests. Still Me Louisiana Compression will provide the patient with a RA packet consisting of an RA letter, shipping label, and a prepaid FedEx label. Our customers have a 2 week period after receiving a product to contact us, otherwise, we have lost our lead-time from the manufacturers to request a return authorization.